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Baru-baru ni masa study siapkan Module Implementation Plan or M.I.P (atau “Course Outline” dalam jargon UIA) untuk student aku, aku terjumpa la dengan this web. I just tried and participated in the quiz. Then came the result as follows:

Your Profile

Here are the results of the Personality Type Assessment. If you are like most people, you will be impressed with how accurately these paragraphs describe you.

Introvert, Sensor, Thinker, Perceiver (ISTP)
ISTPs represent between 4 and 6% of the U.S. population (maknanya aku minority la gamaknye kalau kat US sana).

ISTPs are typically quiet, realistic, independent, and highly pragmatic people and come across as objective, even-tempered and unflappable in almost all situations. ISTPs, while often people of few words, they do enjoy joking around with people they know fairly well. Direct, honest, and down-to-earth, ISTP’s typically prefer to skip a lot of theoretical analysis or future predictions in favor of getting right to the bottom line and the relevant facts and figures. They can be veritable storehouses of information on things they know well and understand. Because they are realists, they are able to capitalize well on available resources, which make them practical, with a good sense of timing. ISTPs have an innate understanding of how mechanical things work and are usually skilled at using tools. They tend to make logical and private decisions, stating things clearly and directly, just as they see them.

ISTPs Tend To Be:

• Able to work well independently with defined tasks & tangible products
• Keen observers; excellent memory for factual information
• Highly logical thinkers; able to bring order to confusing & recognizable facts
• Able to stay calm & cool in a crisis or under pressure
• Highly resourceful and pragmatic
• Great at identifying the most practical, simple solution to what may seem complex

Career Satisfiers
All people are most satisfied and successful when using their natural talents in an environment that is consistent with their personality preferences and values. Research shows that ISTPs are most satisfied by jobs that provide the following:

• Opportunities to use their logical reasoning skills to solve tangible problems
• Work that has practical applications & concrete, measurable results
• A work culture with minimal social politics
• An environment that allows them to juggle several projects, all with clear deadlines
• Opportunities to work independently, with a minimum of supervision, & where they do not have excessive supervisory responsibilities

Yes.that’s truly me. Dan aku bersyukur kerana the place where I work offers the best environment socially and professionally. Alhamdulilah.

Oh, by the way, korang pun boleh try and have a check on your personality. Nah, I give you the link. selamat bermuhasabah.
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