Back for Good?

Pelindung Pantai, 2011

Getting inspired by Aini who is consistently updating her blog, here I am finding tune and momentum in writing.

Hence, just for the sake of posting, this picture depict what I miss the most recently:
Enjoying Life Like Nothing Else Matters.

I wish I could go for a walk.
I wish I could watch the sunset at the beach.
I wish I could bring my beloved family for a vacation.
I wish I am healthy enough to keep running, playing, yelling, and fooling around.
I wish I have many good friends to talk and to share all the stories I made up.
I wish I could watch live performance or any concert, I really want to shout at my favourite artists.
I wish I can scream my lungs out on a hill.
and ultimately
I wish that I would not abandon this little blog of my.

P/S: Well done, I can't believe I start posting!

1 tokok-tambah:

NJ said...

Yeay.. a good start or maybe I can call comeback...hehe

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