I Refuse to be Sick

Last Friday I went to the clinic because there's sort of 'bengkak' around my jaw just below my left ear.

The doctor gave me antibiotics,painkiller and ear drops.

I had an enjoyful weekend with my fellas. Went to karaoke, pooling, mini basketball, bowling and dining together.

The medication finished on Monday morning after breakfast.

I went to the class at 5pm and ended an hour later.

The pain started to strike back. I can hardly move my jaw.

At about 8 pm I went to see the doctor again. She said the antibiotic doesn't seem to heal the disease. So she wrote a referral letter and advise me to see the specialist at General Hospital. She referred me to a surgeon at SOPD (Surgical Out Patient Department). I have no idea what's going on right then.

I woke up early this morning to go to the General Hospital. (I don't like hospital or anything medic, seriously!)

I took a bus with Jihah. Yes, I skip work and all the classes (another dislike).

Arrived at the GH about 45 minutes later.
Don't know where to go.
Asking for direction from the security officer (who's holding quite long stick on his left hand.Scary.)
"SOPD kat mana?"
"Bawah sana..dekat dengan Emergency."

which 'bawah' also I don't have any idea.
so we just walked passed few stairs and went straight to the Jabatan Pesakit Luar.
Wow! so many people! Semua orang sakit ape hari Selasa ni?

Still don't know how to register. (This is my first time at the hospital,ok!)
I went to the counter and showed my envelop. The officer said
"SOPD bukan sini dik. Naik tingkat satu. Atas."

So we walked out the department,and searching for the 'atas'.
Where atas is atas actually?
Finally I saw the word 'Pembedahan' on the signboard. Aha, the doctor did mention about pembedahan yesterday. Then we entered the Klinik Pembedahan Am.
Hayya..So many people as well? (they are unwell,of course!)

I asked the nurse at the second counter. (There are so many counters, its uncountable!)
She said 'just put the envelope at the basket at that counter'. See? countless counter.

Then I'm waiting.
I saw the staff walk out of the counter and went somewhere, with my letter.
10 minutes passed. My name called.
"Dik, bukan kat sini ni. Adik keluar, terus ke kanan. Yang ade gambar telinga tu."
Again..I walked out..

Now at the Department of Otorinolaringology (ENT).
Counters...where should we go?
I saw the word 'pertanyaan'. so I handed-in the letter to the staff.
"Kat mana bengkak?" then she touched my left jaw.
"Antibiotik tak sampai seminggu lagi so kita tak boleh clarify. Isi borang ni".
I filled the form and returned it to her.
"Ok, jumpa Doktor V kat bilik 3 untuk appoinment. Kat sana."

I went straight to the left (as instructed) and saw 'Room 03'.
No doctor at the table. We sit and wait for Doctor V.
I felt a bit awkward in the room. There's a plasma TV, and some toys on a small table at the corner.

In about 5 minutes, a woman in lab coat enters the room.
"Eh, apesal awak kat sini ni?"
I just showed her the letter.
"Bukan dekat sini. Bilik lain ni. Kenapa pakai kasut masuk dalam ni?"
Hell how do I know that we should take off the shoes?! Tak de tulis pun kat luar tu.
I don't talk much.
So once again we step out. Dengan muka sebal.

Finally we saw (another) 'ROOM 3' two doors after.
This time I won't walk-in unless invited.

A nurse was about tu enter the room and I quickly gave her the letter (this letter is really making fun of me. It is the spokesperson, yeah!)
The nurse smiles and asked me to wait for a while.
The next minute, still smiling, she said "Doktor V tak ade. Dia kursus. Awak datang balik 25hb nanti pergi kaunter buat pendaftaran."
I said.

At first I thought it will be this coming Sunday. So I just have to consume some painkiller towards the date. It wont take long.

But the moment I went back and rechecked my appoinment date, it was actually on 24th MAY!

Oh God..I would have to live like a drug addict for about one month?
Seriously I can't bear the pain without the painkiller. I have to take it every 6 hours or else I would die crying in pain caused by the twinge.

I hope this is just a dream.

I wanna be healthy.
I am healthy.

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