A 24 me and a boyfriend? WTF?!

Ya, ya. Thanks for the wish.
I know and am happy that am becoming older.

Thousand thanks to Allah
for His bless through my years.

It's just a matter of number.
Am 24 today, so what?

I've been working for a year since I graduated.
Am happy with my achievement so far.
I got a so-so salary every month (and of course I wish for more).
My pocket is getting worst yet am satisfy with what I've been spending for.

Have I been in love?
Yes and No.
I've been hurt as much as I love.
I've been left as much as I waited.
And what not.
am alive.
And you, you, and you,
can get lost.

True story:
I did have the so-called 'bekas bakal boyfriend'
Indeed soo many. Haha..
I repeat..Bekas Bakal Boyfriend..(not even got the chance to be. Uhuk!)
Yelah..Budak comot, siapa yang nak pandang, kan?

Ini cerita zaman I study.

First guy
was when I joined a musical group at the university
In order to be accepted as part of the members,
we need to pass the interview session.
I was interviewed together with another pretty boy i don't know from where.
I kinda like this boy.
He's a good friend and a nice guy in person.
But this guy is soo hard-selling. Then I gave up.

Second Guy
was also from the same group.
we got same interest here and there,
sharing things and experiences every now and then,
but no feeling attached.
And finally I dumped myself for he has his own sweetheart.
Means I must back off as well.
The end.

That's it
And No More.

From then onwards
Am tired of being in touch or getting into serious business called
yang-sewaktu-dengannya' with guys.
(cause I ended up got only the PERASAN).
Merely friends would do.

And life goes on
for me
and for everyone around me
Some friends are still with me through my smile and cry (thank you)
and some were just gone to God-knows-where.
(and I don't care)

After years of healing from the wretchedness
I finally get myself a very reliable boyfriend
that I will truly love with all my heart.
I know that this new boyfriend will always help me
in any way possible as he could afford to.
Bringing me to places of happiness.



my special



and lovely


Modenas GT 128

(kacak kan?)

Tired of getting into a fussy relationship with human beings?
Try having one with the inanimate.

You'll surely say WTF!

Haha.. Gotcha! ;)
Happy Birthday To Me.

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