Gadget Update: Wireless Headphone

Wireless Headphone HS-208 With FM Radio

Price : RM 35.00

Just bought thid headphone at PIKOM PC Fair, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre,
4-6 December 2009.

A birthday gift for my self...Huhu

Function(6 IN 1):

1. FM radio
2. Supervision
3. Wired headphone
4. Online audio chat
5. Wireless headphone
6. The design conforms to human engineering principles comfortable for wearing.


The working frequency of the transmitter is ranged from 83-108MHZ
The transmitter can be widely compatible with multi-media such as TV,PC,DVD,CD,VCD,MP3 and other electronic products with audio output plugs. Good quality of the sound and be effective with over 30M and the sound signal can penetrate barriers like walls and objects without the angle limitation.
TV-Accompanying: You can enjoy the TV program freely without disturbing others by using wireless headphone.
With super bass function.
FM broadcast : The headphone can be used as FM radio separately and search and focus channels ranged from 88-108MHZ automatically with stable frequency.
Online chat(Receiver can connect the audio line with microphone to the PC)Receiver with audio line can be used as wired headphone.
Several headphones can share one transmitter
The design conforms to human engineering principles comfortable for wearing.

Transmitter Specification:

Transmitting frequency: 84~87MHz
Power supply: AA DC 1.5v batteries 2pcs

Receiver Specification:

Receiving frequency: 84 ~ 108MHz
Max receiving range: 30m
FM radio frequency: 88~108MHz.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm...... X abis2 dngn prangai nak menayang....
ah lantak la situ.....
asal bahagia.
mesti best kan dapat "brng2" baru....
"brng2" baru.....

Ir A.Aziz said...

Member aku pon ada satu. Ko boleh pi toilet sambil dgr2 lagu. Hahaha!

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