F for Fella *1: YOU PAY FOR THIS?

Prakata: I am planning to write a series about friends, acquaintances, foes or anybody I used to know and their unforgettable attitude (I leave it to the reader for judgement). Aku mulakan siri F for Fella dengan kisah ini.

I wrote this because I don’t want to be any fakap.

I can’t stand it. I can’t stand this kind of friends. This note is written so that everyone gets to learn their lesson.


There was a student of mine. We were close for some times (call me scandalous, as you wish).

One day he asked me to lend him RM300 bucks. At that time I’ve only RM200 in the bank. So I agreed to give him RM150 of my saving. (He said that he need the money for printing purpose and will pay me back once he get the claim). Hell yeah I trusted him then.

Not long after, he left the college (in other word – he quit or dropped out). And so as my money. Gone. I chose to keep quiet dengan harapan he would realize and remember his debt. I waited for years to get what is mine.

It’s 2011 and no news or any sign that my money will be returned. I decided to take action. I found him in facebook (thanks to the advancement of technology). I messaged to ask him nicely, reminding him that it wasn’t much of money (I can tolerate ‘bayaran ansuran’ and I did not put any ‘bunga’ anyway).

No reply. Nothing.

He kept silent for almost a week.

Do you know that silence is a type of excuses and sometimes means refusal? (This is a theory I just created.haha!)

Enough. I was so pissed-off.

I trolled him on his fb.
I posted on his wall.

The next day I found it removed. And he disabled me from posting on his wall.


Another silence. No reply. Nothing.

I’m getting more fakap and annoyed.

The week later, I trolled his fb again. I commented on every post of his status update, video uploaded, or his friends’ comments (because I couldn’t post directly to the wall).

The next day, it was removed. Again!


I’m not gonna let this Hutang Lapuk gone easily. Dude, you really asked for it.

I need to go even harsher this time.

So I went all out in finding who the people around him are. I came across an fb account believed to be his girlfriend’s. Then I messaged her:

i believe u are a girlfren of Mirul Ali.
He used to be my student at consist college.
in 2008 he did borrow a sum of rm150 from me.
Bukan banyak pun but it is still my money.
I did message him to pay back but he seems to ignore.
So, i think this is my last resort.
Could you by any chance persuade him to just give what is mine.
I tak de niat ape-ape seriously, I just need my money.
I'll rest my case once this thing settled.
(ni bukan meseg main-main atau ambik kesempatan tau, i did have the proof. please help me as a fren. TQ) “

sounds desperade isn't it? and this is her reply:

i'm so sorry...i don't think i can help u in this matter...
im not the rte person to help u in this matter..
since i dh dpt this msg,i'll just frward this msg to him..
im just his girlfriend,this is between u n him,i x nk msuk cmpur coz he never tell me anything bout his debts,if die nk i taw surely he'll tell me rite?
im so sorry again...salam.. “

It finally helps. (sekarang baru aku faham kenapa Ah Long selalu attack the family members, because the debtor is so ignorant).

The next morning I got an fb message from him.

“bg akaun mybank”

Sounds so ignorant and innocent, huh!

But at least there’s response.
I thank God for everything.

I did give a little advice to the girlfy as a woman and a sister:

“thanks for forwarding the message to him.
it really helps me.
i think this case is about to be settled.

i personally rasa u patut tahu what he was up to.
kalau u serious dgn sumbody, of course u tak nak someone yg akan create problem in the future,rite?
so, be a smart girl ya, and i wish u all the best..
thanks again. “

There’s another story.

Apparently she did post it on her wall (wah, beraninya kau!)

I just wanna make it clear here:
Satu. I did introduce myself. So, am not ‘unknown’ to you dear.

Dua. This is poyoism. Kau tak malu ke kalau orang tahu yang berhutang tu adalah pakwe kau?

Tiga. Dumbass!

Talking about debt, aku ni pun bukan anak orang kaya. Anak orang kaya pun takkan ‘sedekah’ duit dia kat kawan-kawan sesuka hati. Aku sendiri pun pernah pinjam duit dengan orang. Tapi aku akan tulis setiap sen dalam buku supaya aku tak lupa untuk bayar balik.

Masa belajar dulu, kawan-kawan aku pun ramai je yang pinjam duit aku. Ade yang cecah RM1000 dalam satu masa. Aku pernah tak cukup duit dan terpaksa pecah tabung untuk makan sebab duit aku habis bagi pinjam kat orang (it’s hard for me to say NO). Tapi diorang bayar balik once diorang dah kerja dan ada duit. Yang penting kita tak lupa hak orang lain.

Ramai yang akan bersetuju kalau aku cakap kita ‘yang bagi hutang’ kat orang ni akan lebih malu dan segan nak mintak balik duit kita. Tapi orang ‘yang berhutang time-mintak-menyembah-bumi-dengan-janji-segunung’ ni yang selalu buat muka tak malu. Dia buat-buat lupa pada hutang dia. Ada jugak yang berlagak macam banyak duit, tayang harta sana sini, tapi time kita mintak duit kita macam-macam alasan dia bagi. Liat sungguh nak bayar. Tak takut mati ke wei?!

Orang tua-tua dah pesan “Hutang emas boleh wajib dibayar; hutang budi dibawa mati.” So, hutang budi je yang boleh bawak mati. Hutang aku bila lagi?

Notakaki: Hutang Nyata vs. Hutang Kongsi Lelap

Hutang Nyata : “Weh..pinjam singgit!”
Hutang Kongsi Lelap: “Alamak, aku tak cukup cash tak ade duit kecik la, pakai duit kau dulu boleh? Nanti aku ganti balik.” Dan sampai sudah dia tak ingat nak bayar. “Kira halal la, bukan kau kata nak belanja ke itu hari?”

*Till the moment I write this post, I haven’t received any cash in my account. I’m hoping to rest my case. A big thanks to you, Lissa Zarina. Jangan-jangan dia pinjam duit kau untuk bayar hutang aku. Gosh.

p/s: jom tengok wayang? aku pinjam duit hosmet aku tadi.

2 tokok-tambah:

Hani_jais said...

beb..aku xde hutang ko kan?kalo ada sila bgtau ye.susah lak aku nak cari ko kat akhirat kang.hehe

CikSelampit said...

hani> kita semua xde hutang la. sama-sama halal makan minum k. aku hutang budi je dgn korang.

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