Am Hurt

Sad The Hurt In My Heart is so Hard to Heal.


(this memo is specifically dedicated to my only one)

"u might need time to think it over

but i just fine moving forward.."'s actually not that fine..

somehow i feel lonely without you..

but i just let the feeling ignored..truly it's hard

so hard that it hurts me so much inside.

makes my heart dying and got nothing left to be felt.

i need a happiness..or at least some peaceful mind and soul..

for me to live my life like others..

to enjoy every moment in time that i have

to think of every loving thought that i wish

to realize every dream that i used to imagine with you by my side.

please.. give me a space..just a little room to breath..

take me far away from this suffer and predicament

that caused by you..

i'm blaming myself for blaming you..

forgive me..


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